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Apply for the Youth Work Program.

Los Angeles, CA.- The County of Los Angeles Youth@Work program is offered to individuals ages 14 to 24. The goal of the Youth Program is to provide youth with a menu of services that offer access to paid work-based learning, work readiness, paid personal enrichment training, academic and career development, and advanced career services.

The services may be rendered in a progressive or combined manner as appropriate to meet participant needs.

Eligibility: Youth 14-24 years of age and have the right to work in the United States. Other requirements will need to be met such as obtaining a work permit if under 18 years of age and registering for selective services for those individuals that qualify.

To Apply: Complete the interest form below, all questions with an asterisk are mandatory.

When your application is complete, press the “Submit” button only once and wait for a confirmation. Print or save the confirmation for your records.

Please note that by submitting your interest form, it does not guarantee a spot in the Youth@Work program. Applicants will be selected in compliance with all Youth@Work policy. All qualified individuals will receive a response as to next steps.


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