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Charging Cable Scam

We have all used a charging cable to charge up our phones in public areas, but whose charging cable are you using. 

What may look like an ordinary charging cable could contain software that is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system. 

Some of the information that may be stolen from your devices may include passwords and other sensitive information. There are hackers tasked with breaking into computer systems of major companies or the average citizen to expose vulnerabilities. While many might think modifying a charging cable would be expensive or complicated, it’s not. Once you’re exposed, it’s relatively easy for the hacker to get a hold of your personal information. How this scam works:

• Thieves place charging cables within public places so victims can connect their devices. Once connected, thieves can steal personal information from victims and use the information to make fraudulent purchases or open fake accounts. • One of the charging cables could be an iPhone lightning cable called the “O.MG Cable” that can cost $200. This cable cord can take control of any Mac computer, remotely gaining access to passwords and sensitive information. • Once the cable is plugged into a computer or phone, it can be controlled through a wireless network that is built inside the cable. Once a thief gains access to the information they need, they can stop all traces of evidence that it ever existed on your device.

PHOTO Press Release : LASD  So next time you think about plugging your device into a public charging cable, please take into consideration the risk of potentially giving thieves the capability to steal your personal information. #LASD 

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