This weekend the L.A. County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs (DCBA) and its Office of Immigrant Affairs (OIA) will open four dedicated help lines to assist residents by answering questions and addressing concerns in the wake of federal plans to step up immigration enforcement action.

Southern California callers can be connected to local legal aid resources, County services, and can learn more about how your family should respond in the event of an immigration emergency. OIA urges residents to know their rights during an immigration emergency. You have certain rights and protections under the U.S. Constitution. If an immigration agent comes to your home, workplace, or stops you on the street, know your rights: RIGHT TO NOT OPEN YOUR DOOR unless the immigration agent knocking has a warrant to enter that is signed by a judge or magistrate and has your name on it. RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT and not answer questions from immigration agents. RIGHT NOT TO SIGN ANY PAPERS without first talking to an attorney. RIGHT TO TALK TO AN ATTORNEY at your own expense. IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE YOUR HOME: Ask the immigration agent if you are free to go. If they say yes, leave peacefully. If they say no, ask to call your attorney. QUESTIONS? CONTACT THE DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS WEEKEND HOTLINES (SPECIAL LINES OPEN THIS WEEKEND ONLY FROM 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) 213-974-2998 213-974-3048 213-974-3012 213-974-3005 Additional legal resources are available through the following list of community-based organizations: Long Beach Community Defense Network Hotline: 562-269-1083 Website: Location: Only Long Beach City Koreatown Rapid Response Network Hotline: 323-894-1504 Website: Location: Only Koreatown Neighborhood (Los Angeles) Los Angeles Raids and Rapid Response Network Hotline: 888-624-4752 (not 24/7) Website: Location: Only Los Angeles County Boyle Heights Immigrant Rights Network Rapid Response Team Hotline: (323) 922-5644 Website: Location: Only Boyle Heights Neighborhood (Los Angeles)

Courtesy of : LASD