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Bill AB 392 Limiting The  Use  Of Lethal Force  By Police Officers, Passed The Public  Safety Commit

AB 392 passed the Public Safety Committee after hours of testimony in Sacramento.  

Local ACLU Antelope Valley Chapter members and advocates were in attendace in support of the bill. 

According to the California Department of Justice, police officers killed 172 Californians in 2017 .  


AB 392, introduced by Assembly member Dr. Shirley Weber, would allow police to kill only when there is no reasonable alternative in order to prevent imminent and serious injury or death to the officer, or another person. 

The new rules would restrict officers from firing their weapons except when nonlethal alternatives are not available. 

A 2015 report by the Guardian found that police in Kern County killed more people per capita than in any other county in the U.S. 

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