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America’s Job Center of California in Palmdale to Host Job Recruitment for American Seafoods Company

PALMDALE – The America’s Job Center of California (AJCC), located at 38510 Sierra Highway in Palmdale, will host a recruitment event for fish processor for American Seafoods Company on Wednesday, March 27 beginning at 9 am. American Seafoods Company is hiring fish processors to work at sea for up to three months. Seafood processors work aboard at-sea processing vessels in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Alaska, Bering Sea, and the Aleutian Islands to convert raw fish products into a processed, high quality product ready for sale. Job duties include: sort fish by species; tend and operate machines; hand fillet whole fish; inspect fish products to meet company standards of quality; weigh, pack, label, stack and place the product into freezers; load and unload supplies on the vessel; clean factory equipment; and perform other duties as assigned.

Qualified applicants should be able to live in close shared quarters with others and able to climb in and out of bunk beds 50 inches high, have good balance/equilibrium, be able to be on-board ship for long periods without suffering from motion sickness that is not correctable, be capable of working up to 16 hours per day with no time off, during a 4+ month period, be able to work and live in tight/close quarters without claustrophobic reactions and have the ability to pass a pre-employment and random drug tests.

Candidates must be registered with CalJobs, bring right to work documents (valid ID/DL & SSN card), bring tailored resume to position and dress for success.

For more information, please contact: .

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