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This weekend the Palmdale Sheriff Station finished 16th in the Invitational Category at the Baker to

Great Job Palmdale Station finishing 16th in the Invitational Category! 🏅 

Photos/Information Courtsesy of  the Palmdale Sheriff Station 

#bakertovegas2019 #palmdalestation #lasd #av411 This weekend the Baker to Vegas relay race. Running teams and their supporters from several law enforcement agencies all around the world come to this prestigious yearly event to compete. This yearly event will begin on Saturday, March 23 and end on Sunday, March 24.

There are 20 legs and over 8,000 runners; not to mention thousands of guests, family members, and support staff and follow vehicles. This journey will consist of 120 miles of grueling pavement from Baker, California to Las Vegas, Nevada. #LASD has several running teams that compete; The Women’s Team, Men’s Team, Open Team, as well as several individual station and bureau teams. The legs range between approximately 500 foot elevation with some legs as high as 5200 foot elevation; runners traversing between 4 miles and 10.7 miles; runners experiencing extreme hot and extreme cold temperatures depending upon the time and location of their assigned leg. Even though we wish everyone good luck and a safe run, we hold a special place in our hearts to all the men and women of our Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department teams competing in this weekend’s event. Remember it’s your time to shine, it’s your moment in the sun; so seize the day! All of your long runs and sacrifices, blood, sweat, pride and honor will not go unnoticed. Go out there and bring us the coveted cup trophy. #WomensHistoryMonth2019 #BAKER2VEGAS 

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