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City of Lancaster,  Local Collaboration Results in Furloughed Federally Employed Local Residents Rec

During the recent government shutdown, many Antelope Valley citizens were hard-hit with diminishing resources and a lack of sufficient support to help sustain themselves and their families as the nation underwent one of the most significant federal furloughs in history. 

By coordinating with local agencies to promote assistance programs, the cities of Lancaster and Palmdale were able to lessen some of the impact to local residents affected by the government furlough. 

The cities not only worked with Grace Resources, South Antelope Valley Emergency Services (SAVES), and the Edwards Federal Credit Union (EFCU) to share information regarding the vital services each entity offers; but also tapped into their own resources to further aid those in need by waiving and deferring a number of fees. “The greatest strength of any community is its ability to rally support and resources in times of need,” said Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris. “Palmdale Mayor Steve Hofbauer and I are thankful for this wonderful valley and the commitment of its many stakeholders, who strive to make the Antelope Valley the very best community it can be… both in good times and bad.” The collaborative effort to aid local families resulted in the following: 3,700 families accessed the list of resources provided by Lancaster and Palmdale. 800 local families received assistance from the programs offered. 63 low-interest loans totaling $278,650 were provided by Edwards Federal Credit Union. 34 families (more than 90 individuals) received food assistance. Business license and parking citation payments were deferred. More than $800 in city-related recreation fees were waived. Lancaster Choice Energy bill payments were deferred. “Communities are strengthened through collaborations such as this,” said Palmdale Mayor Steve Hofbauer. “It’s great to see so many organizations, agencies, businesses, and individuals work together with local governments to make a positive difference.

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