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  • Vladimir Gomez

Fu­ture Is Now Preparatory Ac­ad­emy, is not moving forward with their petition in opening the propo

Future is Now has pulled their petition, and has requested not to move forward with the November 30th submission to the Los Angeles County Board of Education in opening the Charter School in the Antelope Valley or any part of LA County,

The County Board conducted a public hear­ing on the proposed Charter School last year. The County Board held a public hearing for the proposed Charter School on February 12th, 2019 and was well attended by many local school administrators and residents from the Antelope Valley. Who opposed the opening of the Charter School in any area of the Antelope Valley.

L.A. County Office of Ed­u­ca­tion addressed to the petitioner that they never met the requirements under the Charter Schools Act.

Any future vote on a countywide school would need to be preceded by a completely new submission and would then follow the subsequent timelines of 60 days for a public hearing and 90 days for a board vote.

The School site that was well mentioned and rumored to be the location of the academy is located in Lake Los Angeles. The site which is owned a by a private investor never confirmed or denied such rumors, if that was going to be sold or lease to the Fu­ture Is Now Preparatory Ac­ad­emy.

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