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Cities of Lancaster and Palmdale Join Edwards Federal Credit Union in Announcing Edwards FCU Program

The City of Lancaster and the City of Palmdale are proud to announce Edwards Federal Credit Union is offering a program to assist local residents who were impacted by the federal government shutdown.

“Though the shutdown has been lifted at this time and many federal government employees are returning to work, it does not erase the hardships they have endured over the course of the past few weeks – and the ripple effects it has had on their families and personal finances,” said Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris. “This is one of those occasions when innocent people have been forced to carry the brunt of fallout from other’s battles, at no fault of their own. We applaud our local community, including Edwards Federal Credit Union, for stepping up and offering assistance to federal employees during this time.”

To support workers in the community who have been furloughed or were working without pay, Edwards Federal Credit Union (Edwards FCU) has implemented a special loan assistance program. Edwards FCU is offering loans up to $5,000 loan at just two percent interest for a one-year term. According to Roy MacKinnon, Edwards President/CEO, the program has already been well received with more than $250,000 in special assistance loans made to date. Additionally, credit union members who have been impacted may skip a loan payment with no fee for any current Edwards FCU loan. All Antelope Valley residents are eligible to join Edwards FCU. Proof of furlough or impact directly related to the shutdown will be required; however, a credit inquiry and collateral will not be necessary.

Those impacted by the shutdown may also receive further consideration for additional assistance. Visit for more information.

The Cities of Lancaster and Palmdale share a common landing page,, which provides links to their respective listings of local, regional, and national resources, including assistance provided by each City. These listings will be updated as resources and information evolves

Via Lancaster City News

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