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Residents Encouraged to Bag their Fallen Leaves. Waste Management to Offer Free Bagged-Leaf Pickup D

Autumn in the Antelope Valley brings robust breezes and an abundance of fallen leaves

As we strive to keep our public drains and gutters clear during the fall and winter seasons, citizens are encouraged to aid in keeping neighborhood streets clean and accessible to pedestrians and drivers.

The most effective way to do this is by bagging fallen leaves and lawn debris, instead of blowing or sweeping them into the street. Storm water inlets clogged with leaves and lawn debris can exacerbate flooding. Residential waste service containers that are scheduled for regular weekly pickup can be used for this green waste disposal.

Additionally, Waste Management picks up bagged leaves free-of-charge for a ninety-day period, December 1 through February 28. Their Fall Leaf Collection Program provides City of

Lancaster residents with the option of bagging leaves separately from their waste service containers. Bagged leaves should be placed with other yard waste and set out on the same day as all other residential waste service containers (trash, recycling, and green waste) on top of the curb for pickup. The benefits of the Fall Leaf Collection Program include a significant increase to the City of Lancaster’s green waste diversion efforts, as well as a considerable increase in disposal capacity for residents who deal with substantial leaf problems during this season.

Another street maintenance effort greatly impacted by leaf season is residential street sweeping. Sweepers cannot pick up large piles of leaves and debris. Thus, this waste will remain at residential curbs for residents to remove. The excess amounts of fallen leaves which accumulate during this season require sweepers to make additional trips to dump their loads. As such, street sweeping schedules may need to be modified to ensure all streets are thoroughly swept.

Courtesy Of : City Of Lancaster

Photo Credit:City Of Lancaster

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