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SAVE THE DATE - Street renaming ceremony in honor of the late R. Lee "Gunny" Ermey

Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford, Congressman Steve Knight, Rick Norris, Bart Avery and the Ermey family. Ceremony will include singing of National Anthem, posting of Colors by Young Marines, flyover, unveiling of street sign; and more.

Join friends and neighbors as we celebrate the renaming of Ave. N to R. Lee Ermey Avenue in honor of the late "Gunny," a long time AV resident and beloved community icon.

BACKGROUND: R. Lee “Gunny” Ermey was a not only a decorated Marine, but he was also a tireless humanitarian. An actor, patriot, humanitarian, and most importantly, a family man, Gunny proudly and honorably served in the United States Marine Corps from 1961 through 1972.

Up until his passing on April 12, 2018, he was diligently scheduling events and appearances to support and give back to his beloved country and marines. Gunny is the ONLY MARINE to have been brought out of retirement and promoted. In 2002, Marine Corps Commandant James L. Jones promoted Ermey to E-7, Gunnery Sergeant, the rank he had become so well known for.

The cities of Palmdale and Lancaster, as well as the County of Los Angeles and Cal Trans, unanimously decided to create a permanent tribute to Gunny. It was an easy decision to rename, Avenue N, a major East/West road: R. Lee Ermey Avenue. He and his family lived just off Avenue N for the past 24 years. It was this road that he would take to LAX to catch flights to meet with and honor troops, families, heroes and the fallen all around the world.

A campaign is underway at to raise funds for the street signs and a musical road which will play the Marines’ Hymn when motorists drive over it.

PhotoCity of Palmdale - Government‎

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