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  1. Westbound Palmdale Boulevard from Division Street to 5th Street West

Intermittent lane closures for AT&T utility conduit installation.

  1. Elizabeth Lake Rd. from 2300’ East of Bouquet Canyon Road To Johnson Rd.

Overlay project began Monday, June 18. Expect delays and single lane travel with flagging for 30 to 60 days.

  1. Southbound 35th Street East from Avenue R-8 to Avenue R-12

Intermittent street and lane closures for asphalt repairs.

  1. State Route 138 from 30th Street East to Avenue S

Caltrans will have intermittent lane, shoulder and street closures with detours to replace sidewalk ramps and to overlay Palmdale Boulevard.

  1. Southbound 25th Street West from Rancho Vista Boulevard to Avenue P-8

Intermittent No. 2 lane closures for landscape assessment district restoration.

  1. 10th Street East, 9th Street East, Avenue Q-11 and Avenue Q-12

Intermittent street and lane closures for Courson Arts Colony offsite utility and street improvements.

  1. Avenue R and 40th Street East

Intermittent lane and shoulder closures for the Guidance Charter School utility installation and street improvements. Expect delays.

Streetlighting Retrofit Traffic Control Areas

The City recently acquired nearly 18,000 streetlights from Southern California Edison and is in the process of converting them from High Pressure Sodium (HPS) to Light Emitting Diode (LED). The new LED lights are more energy efficient and last up to five times longer than the old HPS. The contractor will be spending no more than ten minutes at each light, and any effect on traffic should be brief.

For more information, call the public works department at 661/267-5300.

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