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City of Lancaster Expands Arts and Culture Education through Bridging the Arts

The City of Lancaster is expanding community engagement and education through the new Bridging the Arts program series, developed as part of the Arts for LA ACTIVATE Fellowship Program. This new citywide initiative works to integrate the visual and performing arts in order to strengthen and improve cultural education for local youth.

This initiative focuses on bringing together various media to create collaborative programming. Through collective efforts of the Lancaster Museum of Art and History (MOAH) and the Lancaster Performing Arts Center (LPAC), the community is now able to experience new and innovative cultural integration. The inaugural event, conducted earlier this year, included an in-depth discussion about cultural and social issues between musical duo Black Violin, Civil Rights activist and photographer Wyatt Kenneth Coleman, and local youth from Antelope Valley High School.

The City would like to congratulate MOAH and LPAC staff members, Robert Benitez and Suzy Silvestre, on completing the nine-month Arts for LA ACTIVATE Fellowship Program and subsequently developing and implementing this initiative. Mr. Benitez and Ms. Silvestre were selected to participate in this prestigious and highly competitive initiative from more than 200 applicants. The fellowship program focuses on training local community leadership on how to best provide education, advocacy, and cultural infrastructure in their cities. Bridging the Arts will continue to have a positive impact on youth throughout our community for years to come

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