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  • Shirley Harriman


Pictured are Deputy Sean Gavin, Deputy Samuel Goldstein, Deputy Jesus Chamorro and Sgt. Thomas Inocente

Lake Los Angeles – The Lancaster Sheriff’s Station Summer Crime Enforcement Team is in Lake Los Angeles again this year. This is the eighth year LLA has had these exceptional Deputies working in our community. This Team is funded mid-May through mid-September each year.

The Team consists of three 2-man radio cars for a total of five Deputies and one Sergeant. The Team services the east County area in which LLA, Quartz Hill, Antelope Acres, Roosevelt and Hi Acres are a part and Quartz Hill. They will go anywhere in the unincorporated areas serviced by the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station. They serve as additional backup units for the one-fourteen radio cars assigned Lake Los Angeles directed patrol.

The Team works as a 6 man unit at all times. Their schedule is any day, any shift, depending upon the need and what calls for their attention.

Pictured are Deputy Sean Gavin, Deputy Samuel Goldstein, Deputy Jesus Chamorro and Sgt. Thomas Inocente. Two other members of the team are Deputy Justin Prather and Deputy Rene Valencia who were on a call follow-up.

Sgt. Inocente said, “We are on the same schedule as teams in previous years with three 2-man cars from late May to early September. Our target is violent crimes in the unincorporated areas of the Valley served by Lancaster Station. We want to interact with the community. Teams in previous years have been successful and we want to continue that success. If anyone in the community feels they have a report of interest that we could give our attention to please call the station at 661-948-8466 and ask to leave me a message. We will follow up.”

If you have an issue or question that does not require calling 9-1-1, call the Lancaster Sheriff’s number at 661-948-8466 and ask the Desk Personnel to leave the Summer Enforcement Team a message. If you have an issue or a question, this team wants to hear from you. You are encouraged to ask questions or seek clarification about what Deputies do and to keep an open line of communication to work hand in hand with the Deputies to make our community a safer place. If you feel you need further assistance when calling, please ask for the Watch Commander or the Watch Sergeant. This team wants to make a positive impact on this community and as such needs community support and information.

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