Step by Step Guest of Lake Los Angeles Rural Town Council

Lake Los Angeles - Step by Step will be the guest presenter at the Lake Los Angeles Rural Town Council (LLARTC) open public meeting on Tuesday January 23 starting at 7:00pm in the Lake Los Angeles Community Gymnasium Community Room. It will be the first meeting of a duly and correctly elected body of representation for this community in years which is reason for the residents of the community to celebrate.

Step by Step proposals will be going to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors for final approval after months of intense study, due diligence and thoughtful work to pinpoint what would be best and needed for Lake Los Angeles.

The implementation of the many projects of Step by Step will be the dual responsibility of County Public Health and Public Works. Some very exciting pedestrian improvements are coming to LLA in 2018.

Please plan on attending the Council’s first public general meeting after being elected by the community to represent Lake Los Angeles to County, State and Federal agencies.

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