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City of Lancaster Accepting Sponsorships for Local School Lunchbox Program

The City of Lancaster is currently accepting donations for the Lunchbox Program. Initiated by the City of Lancaster’s Youth Commission, this program serves disadvantaged students weekly at El Dorado Elementary School in Lancaster. The objective of the Lancaster Lunchbox Program is to provide students with care packages filled with nutritious foods to take home each weekend. The parcels are assembled by Youth Commissioners and are distributed on Fridays after school. Each package contains two breakfast items, two snack items, two lunch items, one fruit cup, one vegetable cup, and two main course meals. The menu accommodates a child's daily nutritional needs, providing the nourishment required during weekend hours when the student is away from school. The goal of a food resource program such as this is to not only address the hunger issue among community youth, but also to increase school attendance; improve student performance; and boost self-esteem - all of which become problematic when hunger is a factor in a child's daily life. The issues associated with childhood hunger can be addressed, in large part, through the Lancaster Lunchbox Program for a modest financial investment. Serving one student costs $3 per week, $12 per month, or $144 per year. The City and the Lancaster Youth Commission seek to promote the expansion of the Lancaster Lunchbox Program throughout the Lancaster School District, striving to eventually operate food pantries in every local school. Tax deductible contributions may be made at Lancaster City Hall, 44933 Fern Avenue, or by contacting the Parks, Recreation & Arts Department at (661) 723-6077.

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