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Volunteers On Patrol is a very special kind of team

Lancaster - Lancaster Sheriff's Station is currently accepting applications for the Volunteers On Patrol (VOP) Program. Deputy Kit Gruppie, for those who remember him as LLA’s Resident Deputy for 3 years, is now in charge of the VOP program.

Volunteers on Patrol can be identified by their white uniform shirt, navy blue trousers and gold-on-blue shoulder patch. Volunteers patrol in white vehicles identified as “Volunteers on Patrol” and bear the LASD emblem that you used to see around Lake Los Angeles.

Being a VOP in Lake Los Angeles has some special advantages for the community. When LLA had a VOP team, it was active in the community, communications were heightened, LLA folks felt engaged and more enfranchised as they were given the opportunity to be heard and seen in the community by fellow residents. It had a community uniting effect.

One of their daily duties is to spot graffiti, report it and get it painted over as quickly as possible. Graffiti cannot be left to send messages of hatred and threats to the community.

All of the duties these volunteers perform translate into huge amounts of time and money saved for the Sheriff’s Department as well as allowing sworn officers to be out in black and whites on the streets doing what they must do as Deputies.

Members of the volunteer program become additional eyes and ears for the Sheriff’s Department, as well as representatives of the community of Lake Los Angeles and County administration.

Here are some pointers for you to consider as you entertain thoughts of joining:

1. Volunteers on Patrol (VOP) are residents of Lake Los Angeles.

2. They know their neighbors.

3. They know LLA geography.

4. They are familiar with neighborhoods and their community enough to recognize things that are “not right”.

5. LLA Residents are more likely to converse and share information with other residents.

6. They are called upon frequently to help direct traffic at an accident or crime scene.

7. They do vacation checks on LLA houses.

8. When VOP is working, sworn personnel can devote full time and energy to the issue at hand that needs Deputies who are authorized/certified.

It’s a win/win!

If this interests you, please come to the Recruitment Event that will be held on Wednesday, September 23 starting at 6:00pm at Stephen Sorensen community gymnasium in Lake Los Angeles at 16801 East Avenue P.

By Shirley Harriman


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