47 Citations Issued During A Traffic Operation

The Palmdale Sheriff’s Station Motor deputies conducted a traffic operation on Ave S targeting commercial trucks.

Avenue S is not a truck route and the City of Palmdale has invested a lot of money in widening and improving the roadway in recent years. The roadway was not constructed to bear the weight of these types of vehicles and will quickly deteriorate if these vehicles continuously use it.

Due to the construction on Pearblossom Highway, significantly more commercial trucks have been using Ave S instead of following the detour signs and using the designated truck routes on Sierra Highway, Palmdale Boulevard, Avenue P and Avenue M.

Yesterday, 47 citations were issued and 3 warnings were given.

Palmdale Sheriff’s Station Traffic Department does hear the complaints of our citizens and we are working diligently to alleviate as many of the traffic issues as we can.

Yesterday, we stepped up our enforcement of this issue. Hopefully it will have a lasting effect.

We will continue to monitor Ave S and enforce the traffic laws, especially while the construction on Pearblossom Highway continues.

Thank You