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The artist and his work for children’s enjoyment

Lake Los Angeles – At work bringing a massive mural art piece to the Vista San Gabriel children and their families is muralist/artist Carlos Mendoza.

On Monday Carlos was starting to put a few finishing touches on his native desert plants and fauna mural on the wall as you enter the school. The wildlife will bring the vast dazzling desert scene to life and inspire the students as they arrive for school each day.

“My original idea for my artwork was and still is bringing art and the pure enjoyment of mural art to the students who attend school here. I will add some wildlife creatures that the children will recognize and relate to as they come to their school every day,” explained Carlos. “Let them take pride in their school and appreciate art to brighten their day. I hope my art inspires them to be creative.”

This art will help to increase awareness of the beauty of the desert where we live and inspire their imaginations. Children have fun doing art, expressing thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Art is fun.

Carlos should be close to completing his mural and cameras will be there to record his work.

By Shirley Harriman


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