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Storm related road closures in Antelope Valley.

Antelope Valley- CHP, The Antelope Valley has several road closures in place due to flooding and rapid moving water. The following roads are currently closed to all traffic:

Avenue J from 90th St. East to 140th St. East

Avenue N from 50th St. East to 70th St. East

Palmdale Blvd from 70th St. East to 90th St. East

Do not attempt to use the roadway at these locations.

Floods remain a threat for hours after a major storm passes, because creeks and rivers continue to swell as they collect fallen rain and melted snow flowing down from hillsides and tributaries.

A flood watch is in effect until Wednesday afternoon for a wide swath of Southern California, including Orange County and the San Bernardino Mountains..

Information on Road Closures

Do not drive around the barricades.

Do not drive through moving water. These closures are in place for your safety, and you can be ticketed for violating the signs posted. Travel safe.


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