SoCal to Las Vegas high speed rail line could start construction this spring.

The project was first revealed in 2006,

XpressWest, a high-speed rail line that will connect Southern California to Las Vegas

As the owner/operator of the State highway system, Caltrans will be serving in an oversight/quality control capacity to ensure that XpressWest adheres to state standards for the design and the construction phases of the project.

“This will transform transportation in Southern California and Las Vegas for generations by providing a fast and efficient connection that gets people out of their cars, reduces traffic congestion and decreases air pollution. ”

- Fiona Ma, California State Treasurer

Brightline West’s ultimate goal is to continue the track from Apple Valley into Palmdale and Rancho Cucamonga, ultimately connecting with Union Station in Los Angeles.

The line’s fully electric, zero emissions, 200-mph trains will cover the distance between Las Vegas and Victorville in about 1.5 hours, or half the time of a car trip. There are currently about 50 million one-way trips between Las Vegas and LA each year, and 85 percent are by car. XpressWest believes it can capture 20 percent of the market, or 10 million one-way riders each year.

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Photo credit : Brightline

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