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Shakespeare in the Park draws enthusiastic crowd

Lake Los Angeles -Sorensen Park – The cast members of Shakespeare in the Park played to a group of appreciative theater fans as they performed the Six Wives of Henry the Eighth, Caesar, McBeth and Midsummer’s Night Dream.

Pictured is the Herald who counted down the wives as they passed away or were sent way or otherwise disposed of. With King Henry were his wives and court attendants with their two adult drama teachers. Pictured is the group that played in the other Shakespeare skits, Caesar, McBeth and Midsummer’s Night Dream.

The dramas were brought to the park via the AV Players’ Arena, a group of Arts Schools in the Antelope Valley joining together to stage public performances. Amy Arena explained, “We are a group of three local acting centers: CA Performing Arts, Laity Arts Institute and Lancaster City Parks and Recreation Acting Classes with me, Amy Arena.

“Laity is a nonprofit that works as an after-school program in Palmdale, but open to all kids, and I teach through Parks and Recreation. Four weeks ago, these kids were asked to learn history created nearly 500 years ago by performing Shakespeare in the Park with LA County. What fun it has been!

“We're exploring A Midsummer Night's Dream and learning some bent history with Caesar and MacBeth and breaking the fourth wall! Most of the kids have never been on a stage and here we are tackling possibly the most revered playwright of all time! My students are 7 years to 17 years."

Amy posted on her Facebook page, “And it's the last weekend for Shakespeare in the Park at Stephen Sorensen in Lake LA. Enjoy Free Tacos after we off Caesar then wake up with a cold splash of water to the face from your Midsummer Night's Dream at the free splash pad!”

By Shirley Harriman


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