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SBCC Entrepreneurship Group joins the community yard sale

Lake Los Angeles – TheCenter@Wilsona by SBCC is the setting for a group of hopeful entrepreneurs who are part of the Economic Vitality Program who are delving into career pathways initiatives and street craft collective entrepreneurship, micro ventures and co-op programs as part of their adventure and education provided by the Program.

Pictured is part of the group who came to the lot on Park Valley and 170th Street East on Thursday August 31 as they were visualizing how they would participate in the upcoming community yard sale on Saturday, September 9th from 8:00am to 2:00pm, weather permitting. Pictured with them on the right is Bryan Guijarro who is the very busy and boosting Economic Vitality Organizer for SBCC.

The entrepreneurial program is designed to support the local community with their members’ creative business ventures so each could be self-sufficient and a contribution to their local economy.

The group started with 21 eager and hopeful people meeting on their journey together at TheCenter@Wilsona by SBCC who were interested in starting their own small business, some who already had started and some who were going to start. The range of interests were marketing agency, cleaning services, food services and car repair. Discussions began with what they felt were their strengths, skills, hobbies and interests. They also discussed how they would have homework to do from these classes, just like school. A book about atomic habits, building good habits and breaking bad habits was shared. The program lasts 6 months, phase 1) making connections, phase 2) skills and phase 3) execution. There is a serious depth to this program that is covered in a short but productive period of time.

TheCenter@Wilsona by SBCC is located in Lake Los Angeles on the Wilsona Campus. You may call the District Office to get connected to the Center at 661-264-1111.

SBCC - Creating a blueprint for a lifetime of success.

By Shirley Harriman

Photo : Vladimir Gomez

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