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Sand and Sandbags Available for Local Residents

Lancaster, Ca.- Hilary was classified as a Category 4 hurricane and is expected to

turn into a tropical storm as it reaches Southern California according to the National Weather Service, and almost all of Southern California is advised it faced the moderate to high of a flash flood.

The City of Lancaster is pleased to provide six locations throughout the community for members of the public to obtain sand in order to fill sandbags in preparation for coming winter storms.

The sand stockpiles are located throughout Lancaster and are being made available to all Lancaster citizens. Citizens are encouraged to first utilize any excess dirt located on or near their property in order to maximize local resources toward this effort.

To collect sand at the identified stockpile locations, citizens must bring their own tools and sandbags. All Antelope Valley fire stations are offering 25 unfilled sandbags per citizen. In order to obtain the best results, citizens are advised to avoid overfilling their sandbags. Leave enough room to allow for the bags to be tied off and easily stacked. Overfilling the bags may cause them to tear and not stack properly, which will in turn compromise sandbag barriers, thus allowing water to flow through openings.

The sand stock pile sites are shown below, as well as on the attached map.

Sand Stock Pile Locations:

Lancaster Central

  • 615 W. Avenue H (City of Lancaster Maintenance Yard parking lot)

  • Northeast corner of Avenue L-8 and 6th Street West 

East Lancaster 

  • 43000 N. 30th Street East (Soccer Center northeast corner, access off of 35th Street)

  • 44910 27th Street East (Tierra Bonita Park parking lot) 

West Lancaster 

  • 32nd Street West and Avenue M (West of the drainage basin)

  • 44558 N. 40th Street West (40th Street and Newgrove Avenue, north of fire station)


Sandbags – Where to Get Them (Bags Only):

  • Lancaster Fire Station 33 ● 44947 Date Avenue ● 661-948-1180

  • Lancaster Fire Station 117 ● 44851 30th Street East ● 661-946-0471

  • Lancaster Fire Station 129 ● 42110 6th Street West ● 661-940-7700

  • Lancaster Fire Station 130 ● 44558 40th Street West ● 661-945-5788

  • Lancaster Fire Station 134 ● 43225 W. 25th Street ● 661-723-8546

  • Lancaster Fire Station 135 ● 1846 East Avenue K-4 ● 661-726-0732

  • Quartz Hill Fire Station 84 ● 5030 W. Avenue L-14 ● 661-943-3211

  • Palmdale Fire Station 24 ● 1050 Avenue P ● 661-273-2724

  • Palmdale Fire Station 37 ● 38318 E. Ninth Street ● 661-947-7244

  • Palmdale Fire Station 93 ● 5624 E. Avenue R ● 661-533-8096

  • Palmdale Fire Station 114 ● 39939 N. 170th Street East ● 661-264-4583

  • Palmdale Fire Station 131 ● 2629 E. Avenue S ● 661-947-8700

  • Palmdale Fire Station 136 ● 3650 Bolz Ranch Road ● 661-267-7893

Courtesy of : City of Lancaster


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