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PWD's Save Our Water Lawn Sign Graphics For Drought Messaging Wins PR Award

Palmdale, CA – For the second year, the Palmdale Water District (PWD) Public Affairs Department was recognized with a top award by the Public Relations Society of America – Los Angeles (PRSA-LA) Chapter for drought outreach.

At the recent 59th Annual PRSA-LA PRism Awards, the Save Our Water lawn signs that were created to help PWD’s top water users share the drought message received the PRism Award in the category of Creative Tactics, Graphic Design.

The annual PRSA-LA awards program recognizes the Los Angeles region’s excellence in public relations strategic campaigns, tactical programs and professional merit. More than 500 top public relations professionals belong to the L.A. Chapter. This year’s winners were judged by members of the Rochester Chapter of PRSA in New York. ..

“It is very gratifying to receive this award from PRSA-LA, knowing that our fellow winners are some of the top public relations firms in the state,” said PWD Public Affairs Director Judy Shay. “This winning graphic was an in-house design created specifically for our Luv Our H2O drought campaign. I am very proud of what our small team was able to accomplish.”

The inspiration behind the graphic was the PWD blue buckets that were given away at outreach events to encourage conservation. Along with the Luv our H2O logo and the “Save Water Today for Our Tomorrow” tagline, the one water drop atop the bucket emphasized the importance of every drop of water.

The lawn sign was designed in collaboration with PWD’s Water-Use Efficiency team to offer the District’s high-water users a tool for drought messaging to their public. The signs were posted at parks, sports fields and other grassy areas that had turned brown due to drought restrictions requiring water cutbacks. By the end of 2022, two of the top water users reduced water usage by more than the mandated 20% compared to 2020.

In 2022, PWD’s Luv Our H2O drought campaign received the top PRSA-LA PRism Award in the category of Community Relations, Government.

Since 1918, the Palmdale Water District has provided high-quality water at a reasonable cost. We pride ourselves on providing great customer care; advocating for local water issues that help our residents; educating the community on water-use efficiency; and leading our region in researching and implementing emerging technologies that increase operational efficiency. For more information about PWD, visit

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