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Public Information Officer appointed

Lancaster – June 21, 2022, was her first day on the job as Public Information Officer (PIO) for the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station.

Say hello to Candice Stitser who attended LLA’s June WATCH meeting Tuesday morning with Community Relations Deputy Laurence Green, pictured. Deputy Green is escorting Candice to WATCH groups and community events to introduce her to everyone.

Stitser has been at the Lancaster Station for 7 months as a dispatcher. Stitser succeeds Ali Villalobos who is now with Dispatch after several years as the PIO.

Stitser earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology at California State University at Northridge. Her ultimate goal is to seek an analyst position in the forensic laboratory. In this growth field, there are many opportunities for employment and promotion. Welcome Candice.

By Shirley Harriman


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