Protest draws attention to predator placement

Littlerock/Sun Village – On Tuesday July 20, a constant string of protesters joined government officials at Daisy Gibson Elementary School to let the District Attorney and everyone else know the opposition to the placement of sexually violent predator Calvin Grassmier into the rural community of Littlerock/Sun Village.

The proposed placement address for Calvin Grassmier is 10320 E. Avenue Q10, Littlerock, CA 93543, which is less than a quarter mile from Littlerock High School and in close proximity to Daisy Gibson Elementary School and the Sun

Village Community Center.

People quickly mobilized to support

Organizer Vladimir Gomez, Lake Los Angeles resident, by making signs to hold up to passing traffic on Palmdale Boulevard and using bull horns to get their message out. The signs were created by LLA resident Misti Vivirito and her daughters.

Strength Based Community Change (SBCC) and Erika Schwerdt of Lake Los Angeles who is SBCC Thrive LA Community Organizer SPA1 and First 5 LA - Best Start Program Community Organizer Region 5set up a table with hand sanitizer, masks, supplies and a pre-printed letter addressed to Supervisor Barger in opposition to the placement for the protesters to sign. Some words from the letter read: “Just because we are rural doesn’t mean we do not have families, children and a thriving community. Out here he would not even have easy access to the mental support he desperately needs and the likelihood of him acting out and endangering our children is even greater.

”We will not stand for this and plan to take swift and forcible action objecting to this placement. We will not sit idly by and watch this happen. You will continue to hear loud opposition from the residents of this community.”

Attending in support of the protest was Mayor Steve Hofbauer, representatives from Senator Wilks and Assemblyman Lackey’s office and Pastor Henry Hearns.

The next protest will be Saturday on the corner of 90th Street East and Palmdale Boulevard. Organizer Gomez said, “This Saturday the fight continues against sexual Predator moving to our community. This sexual predator cannot live close to Palmdale High or Daisy Gibson. Our children/students Safety comes first!!!

See you there, send those emails, letters and share it.

Este sábado continúa la lucha contra el traslado de Depredador sexual a nuestra comunidad. Este violador no puede vivir cerca de las escuelas LittleRock High School o Daisy Gibson.

Nuestros niños / estudiantes ¡La seguridad es lo primero!

Nos vemos allí, envía esos correos electrónicos, cartas y compártelo.

By Shirley Harriman

Thank You