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Plein Air Murals to be Unveiled at Palmdale City Library

PALMDALE – The City of Palmdale will unveil its latest public art installation on Monday, Nov. 13 at 11 am outside the Palmdale City Library, located at 700 E. Palmdale Blvd. The installation, created by local artist Richard Gallego, features three large alcoves painted with native landscapes in the plein air style. 


Plein air is the practice of painting outdoors, usually with the artist’s subject in full view. Gallego’s plein-air artworks are an interpretation of the view from W. Ave. O-8 looking north, which the artist has painted on several occasions. The installation aims to capture the feelings evoked by the landscape and the light within the intimate alcoves. They add color and vibrancy to the corridor, stimulating visitors and complementing the mosaic mural by Kris Holladay, entitled “On Fire,” which is located around the corner in the alcove facing Sierra Highway. 


The event is free and open to the public. Dunn Edwards donated anti-graffiti coating to protect the murals. 


The Palmdale Public Art Commission is seeking the community’s help in developing future installations. To ensure that the art is meaningful for the community, resident input is required for all public art projects. Residents are invited to take a survey and provide input by Sunday, Dec. 17, 2023. for more information. 


About the Artist 

Richard Gallego is a talented local artist with extensive experience in plein-airpainting. He has been painting landscapes since 1996 and has a long-standing love for nature’s wild places. Referring to his obsession with painting as “my magnificent affliction,” he is constantly searching for new ways to reveal the natural world to others through paint. He offers workshops and private lessons and can be contacted through his website,, where you can learn more about the artist and his body of work. 

Photo Caption: Three alcoves at the Palmdale City Librarypainted by artist Richard Gallego complete a single landscape.


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