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Pastor Hammond accepts Sr Pastor nod

Lake Los Angeles -Associate Pastor Hammond has assumed the mantle of Sr. Pastor at Twin Lakes Community Church with the parting of Sr. Pastor Benoit who moved to be closer to his family and retire.

“On November 1, I was informed that Pastor Bob would be retiring. There were discussions about creating a pastor search committee and to have formal representations to the church. God talked to my heart, and I stepped up at the church’s annual business meeting where the vote was taken by church members and Pastor Bob,” recalled Pastor Hammond.

“There will be no changes. We are still going to do what we have been doing and have done. Groups will meet throughout. We will remain the church the community recognizes as here to serve Lake Los Angeles. First and foremost, we will serve Christ, we will serve the community.

“As needed, we can be the place to vote, host Vacation Bible School, community queens’ activities and the seniors of Lake Los Angeles.

“The position of Associate Pastor is open. Our Elders are here to lend a helping hand. We have a Spanish pastor, Christabal Martinez, who conducts the Spanish services, Bible study and prayer meetings.

“We welcome the community for worship services and all activities of the church. Everything the church does should be inviting to the community.”

The church is located at 17213 Lake Los Angeles Avenue, just off 170th Street East and LLA Avenue. The office number is 661-264-1215.

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By Shirley Harriman

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