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Palmdale LASD warn residents of rental scams

Palmdale, CA.-Palmdale Sheriff’s Station would like to remind our community to be vigilant on recognizing the signs of a scam. Recently, we’ve been receiving an influx of calls from citizens who have been victims of a Rental Property Scam.

Here are some signs to look out for when searching for a potential rental property:

1. The lister/potential landlord does not want to meet you in person.

2. They want you to move in to the property without ever seeing it.

3. They ask for Rent/Security Deposit before having you sign a lease.

4. The Rental price seems too good to be true.

5. The listing has typos, poor grammar, excessive punctuation.

6. There is no tenant screening process done.

7. They want you to sign an incomplete lease.

Here are some helpful ways to avoid becoming a victim of these scams:

1. Thoroughly vet the rental listings - using the signs we’ve provided above, if the listing shows any red flags skip it.

2. You NEED to meet the landlord in person - this will help you determine if they are a legit landlord or property owner and if you’ll work well together.

3. ALWAYS see the property in person before signing a lease or making a security deposit.

If you have been a victim of this scam, please contact your local authorities. To contact Palmdale Sheriff’s Station call (661) 272-2400.

You will also need to notify the listing website of the scam, and report it to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Stay alert AV!



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