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Palmdale Boulevard Road Work Alert

Lake Los Angeles – Today, May 24, 2023, Palmdale Boulevard is the scene of major shoulder restoration work being performed due to damages to the shoulders in the general area of 150th Street East to 120th Street East.

The scope of the work is to restore the shoulders to their original state. There is no time estimate about how long the work will be going on.

The road will remain open during construction with a flag person on either end of the work area controlling traffic one lane at a time.

The damages are extensive and were caused by the January 8, 2023, winter storm followed by the melting of the snow and the water flow from Littlerock and Big Rock Creeks.

The work is being done by Road Yard #558 located on East Avenue T in Littlerock.

Please watch for the road personnel and the heavy equipment in use and slow down in the area.

By Shirley Harriman


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