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Night crawlers are on the prowl again

Lake Los Angeles – In this community, no neighborhood is immune to the problems caused by the creeping slimy 2-legged nightcrawlers that are trying to break into our yards, our out buildings and any other property they can access.

Some are day crawlers before they are night crawlers. They can be of any age. Juveniles are being hired by adults to do their dirty work because the adult criminal knows juveniles will not get prosecuted.

Be watchful. Be observant. Watch for cars and other vehicles driving and people walking in your neighborhood during the day you know do not live in your neighborhood. They are there during daylight hours to scope out what they want to come back to and steal during nighttime hours.

The number of reports and Facebook posts that describe back yard trespassers, people knocking on the front door, entry into back yard sheds, etc., is not coincidental.

Mail: Mail is an eternal problem. The only way to keep your mail safe from the scumbags and creepy night crawlers is to grab your mail before they can get to it. As best as possible, know when your carrier delivers and grab your mail.

LLA has an abundance of tweakers and other associated vermin wandering the streets of LLA and every other community.

Mail is a valuable target to a thief. Mail theft can become a nightmare for you.

Locked mailboxes don't stop these cockroaches/parasites. Decent people have to be more inventive and more resourceful in how we defend ourselves and our property.

Don’t allow this to happen to you or to go on without coming up with a solution. Get together with your mailbox group, talk it over and devise a way to protect your mail. Team up to protect yourself, your family, your neighborhood.

Please report any night crawling and attempted or successful break-ins. Staffing is based on the number of calls to Lancaster Station. The number is 661-948-8466. We cannot just ask for or demand more coverage without the statistics to back us up.

Contrary to rumor, LLA has LASD night coverage. There is an early morning shift that works all night. Some claim to the contrary. LLA Resident Deputy Borruel explained that during these nighttime hours, trainees are with veteran Deputies experiencing traffic stop procedures, etc. When a one-fourteen radio car leaves the community to make a booking in Lancaster, as an example, the watch sergeant knows where every car is and will alert and send another car closer to LLA in case of an emergent call. Statistics show the activity of all radio cars in the community during the early morning shift.

Recent call: “921....173rd Street East and Mossdale....caller hears people in yard, attempting to open garage door....sheriff enroute code 3.” The call came in just before 5:00am 03-30. It is still dark at that hour. An attempt to break into my car port was thwarted on Saturday early morning due to neighbor’s dogs and motion sensor lights. They disappeared in moments. My gate hardware was too much for them to destroy. They will move on to a softer target. I reported it even though they disappeared within milliseconds of their attempt.


By Shirley Harriman


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