NCTC quarterly meeting notes – July 2022

Los Angeles – The third quarterly meeting of the North County Transportation Coalition (NCTC) was held Monday, July 11 via Zoom and in person.

Pictured are some of the numbered projects in our area of the County corner. There are other local projects being worked on and planned. These are a few as presented to the Board.

222 – Lake Los Angeles Pedestrian Plan Phase 1, total project cost estimate is $3,027,000, in design status. Estimated start of construction is Spring 2024. This project is especially important to the community as it is traffic control systems at our schools and extension of the shared pathway on 170th between P and Q Avenues. It is also my personal project for the past 7+ years.

67 – 175th Street East, lake Los Angeles Avenue north to Highacres. This as an asphalt/concrete inverted shoulder project in design with a cost estimate of $17,000. It could possibly start in the summer, 2022 but priority road work could take precedence.

58 – Palmdale Boulevard at 90th Street East Traffic Signal Update is a project we have all been exposed to driving on either roadway. The pavement sensors are in, and the signals are working. Completed.

187 – 240th Street East, Palmdale Boulevard to Avenue J is listed as pavement rehabilitation. Project is completed.

192 – East Avenue N,640’ west of 50th Street East to 90th Street East is completed. The estimated cost was $$2,200,000.

289 – Palmdale Boulevard Phase 4, 215th Street to 240th Street East pavement resurfacing is completed.

290 – East Avenue P 240th Street East to 260th Street East, pavement resurfacing completed.

293 – 90th Street East phase 1 Avenue J to Avenue D pavement resurfacing completed.

294 – 90th Street East phase 2 Palmdale Boulevard to Avenue J pavement resurfacing due to start Monday, April 18.

296 – 87th Street East – New to the list this quarter. Avenue T to Highway 138, pavement resurfacing, in design, construction could start late Summer 2022.

230 – 150th Street East Avenue O to Avenue J shoulder pave-out starting in the spring of 2023.

286 – Avenue Q projects completed.

262 and 9 – Bridge Preventive Maintenance and guardrail replacement (Bobcat fire). Estimated completion Fall 2024.

All road projects in our area are dependent upon the weather cooperating and any unforeseen emergencies that could crop up. As developments arise, the information will be posted to keep all informed about traffic and how it will impact your driving from place to place.

By Shirley Harriman

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