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Musical Road Coming to R. Lee Ermey Avenue

PALMDALE – Join us on Thursday, Nov. 10 at 11:10 am to celebrate the 247th birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps and to break ground for a musical road that will be installed along a section of R. Lee Ermey Ave. (Ave. N). When completed the road will play the Marine's Hymn as cars drive along the special grooved roadway. The ceremony will take place at BJ's Corner at Sierra Hwy. and R. Lee Ermey Ave. (Ave. N). 

“We are so excited to celebrate the Marine Corps Birthday with this special groundbreaking,” said Palmdale Mayor Steve Hofbauer. “I think if R. Lee Ermey were here with us today, he would be excited to have this happening on his stretch of road.” 

The musical road serves as a reminder of R. Lee Ermey’s legacy and the community’s commitment to honor its armed services. It is anticipated that the road will draw marines, veterans, and their families from all over the nation. The road is the third of its kind in the U.S. Complete installation, including road preparation, is expected to cost approximately $100,000 and is funded through ARPA. 

R. Lee “Gunny” Ermey was a decorated Marine and actor known for many military related roles. He was also a patriot, humanitarian, and most importantly, a family man. Gunny proudly and honorably served in the United States Marine Corps from 1961 through 1972.  Up until his passing on April 12, 2018, he was diligently scheduling events and appearances to support and give back to his beloved country and marines. Gunny is the only Marine to have been brought out of retirement and promoted. In 2002, Marine Corps Commandant James L. Jones promoted Ermey to E-7, Gunnery Sergeant, the rank he had become so well known for. 

The annual birthday tradition celebrates the establishment of the Marine Corps on November 10, 1775, by the Second Continental Congress. 

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