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Representative Mike Garcia (CA-25) joined Fox Business’s Varney & Co. where he called on Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón to resign.

Garcia’s call for Gascón’s resignation came after the rollout of Gascón’s Restorative Enhancement Diversion for Youth (REDY) program which allows minors who commit felonies to move from incarceration and into rehabilitation.

“This is another policy that is failing in California, and it is a continuation of us as a state falling behind on our criminal justice system,” said Garcia on Fox Business.

Garcia furthered the discussion calling for Gascon’s resignation.

"[This program is] a continuation of really this theme that he's got of trying to take care of the criminals before he's trying to protect the law-abiding citizens," Garcia told Fox News. “This effectively takes minors who have committed very serious felonies out of the court system before they're even charged and gives them an opportunity to go into this restorative rehabilitation program."

He warned of the lasting consequences of the REDY program and creating the “perfect storm” environment for crime.

"[minors] will be recycled through the system again and ultimately put back on the streets with no accountability,” said Garcia on Fox Business. “It's a perfect storm on the heels of BLM and the defund police movement and the riots that we saw even in L.A. County last year. Zero-bail policies being initiated and now Gascon. You know what we've created as a perfect environment for crime."

The felonies that qualify for Gascon’s REDY Program include: burglary, assault without firearms or extensive injuries, vehicle theft, robbery, grand theft person, sexual battery, and arson.

In 2020, the number the incarcerations in California dropped by 66 percent. As a result, California saw an increase in murders by 31 percent.


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