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Littlerock has launched their Artistic Up Rise / Artistic Renaissance

Littlerock – The photos are of the incredible metal art piece installed at the Welcome to Littlerock sign. Standing under the chest gives a different perspective of the monumental size and the work effort that went into its creation. The sign and the art piece are on the west end of Littlerock as you cross over the wash on Pearblossom Highway and receive the heartfelt greeting to all who come to and pass through Littlerock.

It is hoped that this will slow traffic and people down, slow enough to take in the beauty and the message of the art piece; slow enough to attract more artwork for residents and travelers alike.

Artists Carlos Mendoza and Sergio Esquivel wanted to start a new art movement in the East Antelope Valley, specifically Littlerock. Carlos said, “Where we place different painted horses all along the strip of town, each one painted in different styles, we hope to bring out a different approach to decorating the town in concert with the traditional mural, which I will continue to do as usual anyway.

“The idea is also to inspire other artists and sculptures to come out of hiding and join the town in its Artistic Up Rise/Artistic Renaissance. With our art we are trying to inspire people that come through our small town to see it as a piece of highway that inspires and influences people through art murals and sculptures. This horse is the beginning of a whole new line of pieces that are coming to this side of the Antelope Valley including metal, wood, plastic and other materials that will be used to create bigger and inspiring pieces each time.”

Sergio added, “Carlos and I were just hanging around, shooting the breeze staring at the horse when we decided to donate it to our community and add it to the welcome sign. It was just the right stance for the sign, the right height, the right pose and we right away added modification to the detailing of the face for more impact. We had so much fun doing it.

“I was so moved and surprised to see the community come out for us on Saturday. We are motivated to do more art for our community. This is our start. As we can put more art out in the community, we feel it will be great for Littlerock. We want our community’s children to see and experience more art. What we create here means they would not have to go on a field trip to see art or spend money to experience art. They can enjoy art right here at home.”

Take your children and your friends to see this art piece and get the “feel” for it … you too will find inspiration.

Carlos Mendoza

Sergio Esquivel

By Shirley Harriman


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