Palmdale, CA – Palmdale Water District (PWD) will host a virtual Let’s Talk H2O! with PWD to share information about how the Littlerock Creek watershed was adversely affected by the Bobcat fire and what mitigating steps are being taken.

The virtual event, scheduled for 3-3:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 24, is free, but registration is required. Register at seam.lay/24DEApvh or on our website at palmdalewater.org. The first 25 people to sign up and attend will receive a PWD 100th anniversary book.

“Sixty percent of the District’s watershed was burned by the Bobcat fire,” GM Dennis D. LaMoreaux said. “This is the most damage the watershed has suffered since the Littlerock Dam was built nearly 100 years ago. We invite our community to join us to learn about the damage and what it means for our water supply.”


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With much of the watershed burned, there is concern that potential heavy debris flow will create excessive sediment in the Littlerock Reservoir and affect water quality. The reservoir’ s water, which results from rain and snowmelt from nearby Angeles National Forest mountains, is one of PWD’s three sources of water it treats for nearly 117,000 people. The other two sources are local groundwater and State Water Project water from northern California.

The virtual event, featuring LaMoreaux and PWD Engineering/Grant Manager Scott Rogers, will provide attendees with information about the history of the dam and reservoir, watershed damage, importance of the watershed to PWD and its customers, emergency sediment removal and a U.S. Geological Service study/partnership.

There will be photos and drone videos from the dam and reservoir, which has been closed by the U.S. Forest Service for safety and environmental recovery.

Since 1918, the Palmdale Water District has provided high-quality water at a reasonable cost. We pride ourselves on providing great customer care; advocating for local water issues that help our residents; educating the community on water-use efficiency; and leading our region in researching and implementing emerging technologies that increase operational efficiency. For more information about PWD, visit www.palmdalewater.org.

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