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LASD seize 4,347 marijuana plants in Palmdale.

Palmdale,CA.- On Thursday, January 25th, 2024, the Palmdale Station Partners Against Crime Team, with the assistance of the Sheriff’s

Department’s Marijuana Eradication Team, executed a six-location search warrant operation related to an illicit marijuana

cultivation investigation in the City of Palmdale. The locations are within the policing area of Palmdale Sheriff’s Station.

The service of this search warrant resulted in the seizure of 4,347 marijuana plants and approximately five hundred pounds of harvested marijuana flower. Five persons were arrested for felony narcotics violations.

Numerous building code violations were noted by Code Enforcement Officers with the City of Palmdale.

Southern California Edison workers inspected each of the six locations and disconnected electrical power to each location due to unsafe and hazardous electrical wiring.

Representatives from the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration were notified of the service of this search

warrant, and have initiated an independent investigation into tax evasion, seeking monetary reimbursement of unpaid

taxes from the illegal sale of marijuana.

Narcotics Bureau has initiated a civil abatement case against the tenants of the properties in an attempt to expedite both

the removal of all marijuana cultivation related equipment, and the restoration of the property to the standard of the


LASD press release


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