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Lake LA Networking Members on the road!

Lake Los Angeles – On Saturday morning as the sun was rising, 55 dedicated LLA members of the SBCC participants and partners of the Networking Program at TheCenter@Wilsona by SBCC boarded a chartered bus to attend the SBCC Second Annual Networking Conference – Moving into Action.

The Conference is being held at Quiet Cannon in Montebello. It is an all-day conference from 8:30am to 3:00pm. Quiet Cannon is an ideal banquet facility in Montebello which is a great setting for this Conference.

Other LLA SBCC members drove their own vehicles. Lake Los Angeles will have a huge presence at this summit. The group representing iHeart Antelope Valley SBCC included 15 members from Palmdale and Lancaster that left from their respective locations.

There will be a full day of conversations on continuing SBCC’s countywide efforts on:

• Safer Communities

• Community Resources

• Good Jobs & Stability

• Fatherhood Initiative

• Youth Initiative

Each topic will be loaded with information on methods and processes to achieve goals in each category.

Networking is one of the best skills you can acquire and SBCC is dedicated to each member acquiring that skill.

Networking is the exchange of information and ideas among people with a common interest. Networking often begins with a single point of common ground where everyone benefits. One of the biggest reasons why networking is important is referrals. When you have a lot of different contacts in your network, you can go to them for partnerships, collaborations and strength as a team. You get to meet professionals from various levels of an organization while networking. Building working relationships and partnerships is critical to the success of resource centers.

Erika Schwerdt, SBCC Program Manager said, “I would also like to extend a huge thanks to Supervisor Kathryn Barger for helping us get our community members to these important meetings to foster change. We appreciate the support of your office in the Lake LA community.”

All of the skills and information developed at this Conference will benefit SBCC’s efforts in the Antelope Valley.

By Shirley Harriman

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