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Kaiser Permanente Nurse Honored as Everyday Hero for Compassionate Patient Care

Lancaster, CA.-During this year's Nurses Week, Kaiser Permanente Antelope Valley is proud to honor Dawn Ivy, LVN as an "Everyday Hero" for her exceptional dedication and compassion in serving patients.

When an elderly patient arrived at the Dermatology department to have a concerning skin growth examined, he was asked to take a photo of growth and upload it to his Kaiser Permanente account. Overwhelmed and unsure how to navigate the technology, the man struggled–his wife had always handled such tasks before she passed away two years prior.

Sensing his frustration, Dawn immediately stepped in to assist. She patiently showed him how to take the photo using his phone. When she discovered his Kaiser Permanente account was still linked to his late wife's email, Dawn helped the patient create a new email address of his own. She contacted Member Services to reset the account, link it to his new email, and finally guided him through uploading the photo successfully.

"Dawn went above and beyond to help this member," praises colleague Katherine Massey. "She truly believes that working at Kaiser Permanente is more than a job; it's a calling to serve."

Dawn's actions exemplify the values Kaiser Permanente strives to uphold - kindness, compassion, respect and integrity in delivering excellent patient-centered care. She saw a patient in need and went the extra mile to ensure he got the care he needed, with empathy and without hesitation.

Kaiser Permanente Antelope Valley is immensely grateful to have Dawn on the team and honors her spirit of humble service. She is an inspiration, reminding us that simple acts of caring can make a profound difference, one patient at a time.



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