Insurance Commissioner Lara on Governor’s May Budget Revision:

LOS ANGELES — Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara today made the following statement about Governor Gavin Newsom's May Revision to his proposed FY 2022-23 state budget, which makes major new investments in health care and helping Californians prepare for the looming threats of climate change, including extreme wildfires and heat waves:

“Governor Newsom is making smart, strategic decisions to help Californians. His bold leadership on multiple fronts to face the mounting threats to our health and safety will protect millions of Californians in the years ahead by expanding access to health care — including reproductive health for those who need it and come to our state — and making us more resilient to wildfires, heat waves, and flooding.

“By expanding Health4All to cover all eligible Californians regardless of where they were born, we are one step closer to achieving a dream that a generation of brave and bold Californians has fought to achieve. Because abortion is healthcare, California's initiatives to guarantee reproductive freedom while increasing access to abortion care means that we will protect women’s health no matter what. Under Governor Newsom's budget plan, California will continue to be a haven for employers who support equality for their LGBTQ+ employees.

“Working in concert with these massive investments in California's future are new wildfire safety regulations that I have proposed. These regulations would require market incentives from insurance companies to homeowners and businesses doing their part to protect their communities from climate change intensified wildfires. My coordinated action with Governor Newsom's administration to create the new Safer from Wildfires insurance framework will contribute to saving lives and homes — stretching our state budget dollars even farther. I will continue to use every tool available to support Governor Newsom's Extreme Heat Action Plan, including sponsoring Assembly Bill 2238 this year to rank heat waves and harnessing the power of nature for good through the ideas contained in my Climate Insurance report.

“I am looking forward to my continued work with the Governor and State Legislative leaders to help pass a budget that protects California consumers and our vulnerable communities.”

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