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Gov.Newsom proposes 28th constitutional amendment restricting access to guns

SACRAMENTO – Survivors of gun violence, gun safety advocates, and faith, family, health, local, and state leaders are expressing early and enthusiastic support for Governor Gavin Newsom’s historic proposal to end America’s gun violence crisis through his proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Announced late last week, California seeks to become the first state in the nation to call for a Constitutional Convention on this subject with a joint resolution being introduced by California State Senator Aisha Wahab and Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer. Following passage in California, the Governor will work with grassroots supporters, elected and civic leaders, and broad and diverse coalitions across the nation to fight for the passage of similar resolutions in other state legislatures.


A cross-section of support and commentary on the 28th Amendment:


National Rifle Association:“Unhinged. . .”[LINK]

Firearms Policy CoalitionCalifornia’s leading pro-gun group:“F**k you. No.”[LINK]


California State Senator Anthony J. Portantino (SD-25):“With the radicalization of the Supreme Court having a detrimental impact on the public safety of all Americans as it systematically dismantles common sense gun legislation, we must look at a constitutional amendment to both ban assault weapons and to protect the sanctity of California’s ability to regulate firearms and keep our citizens safe. I applaud Governor Newsom for his leadership and I am eager to help this effort protect all Americans from the increasing threat of gun violence. I know what it’s like to have the courts overturn my work to keep high-capacity rifles out of teenage deadly hands and I’m fed up and willing to help the Governor lead the push for this important amendment.”[LINK]

California State Senator David Min (SD-37):“Gun violence in America is a public health crisis, and this is entirely the result of politicians who are in the pocket of the NRA. Enough is enough. We need action, not just more thoughts and prayers. I’m proud to support Governor Newsom’s proposal to ensure we can enact commonsense gun regulations, broadly understood to be constitutional before the federal judiciary was stacked with lawless, politically driven judges. In the absence of federal action, the states must lead. If this requires us to reform the U.S. Constitution to protect our citizens from the horrors of gun violence, then that is what we must do. I thank Governor Newsom for his leadership.”[LINK]

California State Senator Aisha Wahab (SD-10):“A man of action, Governor Gavin Newsom has the backbone to actually do something about the gun fetish culture around weapons of war, and tackle the relentless problem of gun violence and mass shootings. As someone impacted by gun violence, I have an obligation to elevate the voices of victims and those of us left behind in the wake of tragedy.”[LINK]

California State Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel (AD-46):“Thoughts and prayers won’t stop mass shootings or keep our kids safe. We need real, decisive action at the federal level and stronger commonsense gun safety legislation—which is exactly what this Constitutional Convention will facilitate. I applaud Governor Newsom for his bold leadership and look forward to working with him to protect our kids and our communities.”

California State Assemblymember Mike Gipson (AD-65):“I and a number of my colleagues in the legislature stand proudly with Governor Newsom in an effort to create meaningful change across this great nation and we call on the federal government to amend the United States Constitution to make our communities safer. I have been calling for the federal government to enact common-sense gun laws for years, and they’ve been unable or unwilling to make meaningful change thus far. Too many of our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, and children have been gunned down due to senseless gun violence. There are no more safe havens in America. Nowhere is safe from gun violence, not our grocery stores, not our churches, our places of worship, and not even our children’s schools. Just last week, 7 people were shot at a high school graduation ceremony in Virginia. There have been more mass shootings in America than days in the year. Enough is enough! The time to act was decades ago, and the next best time is now. I call on all the states across this nation that value the lives of their children to stand with California and back this effort to create a critical new constitutional amendment.”

California State Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer (AD-57):“I am proud to introduce this resolution to protect the common sense gun reform legislation our Assembly Public Safety Committee has championed over the years. We cannot stand idly while courts roll back our work and diminish the ability of our Legislature to keep Californians safe. This bold but fair resolution calls on other states to join us in protecting some of the most effective ways of reducing gun violence.”[LINK]

California State Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (AD-06):“Gun violence in America has become an urgent crisis that demands immediate action. I applaud Governor Newsom’s call for a United States constitutional convention to combat gun violence and address this issue head-on. A 28th Constitutional Amendment will give states the power to regulate firearms and protect the work that is being done to keep our families safe.”


Shannon Watts, Founder of Moms Demand Action:“Thank you, Governor Gavin Newsom, for continuing to lead the way on gun safety. These are commonsense solutions that the vast majority of Americans support and it’s past time to make them the law of the land.”[LINK]

Fred Guttenberg, Gun Safety Advocate:“Governor Gavin Newsom is correct, we have been lied to. We must stop listening to the liars & instead focus on those whose mission is to stop the next instance of gun violence. This common-sense proposal seeks to do just that. Thank you Governor Newsom for your leadership on this.”[LINK]

Brandon Tsay, Gun Safety Advocate & Monterey Park Hero:“Governor Newsom’s 28th Amendment is a bold proposal that would make our communities safer. With it, we all have the opportunity to be ‘heroes’ to end gun violence by using our voices together to demand action.”

Mia Tretta, Gun Violence Survivor & Gun Safety Advocate:“This is honoring with ACTION!”[LINK]

Dr. Donaldo Hernandez, President of the California Medical Association:“Physicians know firsthand the damages that firearms are causing in our communities. The ideas put forward by the Governor are reasonable, evidence-based solutions that enjoy broad public support and, more importantly, will save lives and keep communities safe.”[LINK]

Jodi Hicks, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California:“There is no reproductive freedom without the ability to raise our children in healthy environments, free from gun violence. Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California supports Governor Newsom’s proposal…”[LINK]

Carol Green, California State PTA President:“As the nation’s largest child advocacy association, nothing is more important to PTA than keeping our kids safe. We must do more as a nation to end the gun violence that tears our families apart. California State PTA supports common sense gun reform proposals like this to help create a safer environment for all of our kids.”

Jackie Thu-Huong Wong, Executive Director of First 5 California:“It is tragic that gun violence is the number one cause of death for children. First 5 CA is charged with improving the lives of children and their families, and we are proud to support the Governor’s bold proposal to help end America’s gun violence crisis. This brings us closer to creating the safe and supportive environments that every child, family, and community deserves.”

Hyepin Im, President of Faith and Community Empowerment:“I want to commend Governor Newsom for his historic 28th Amendment to the US Constitution to curve gun violence. Unprecedented times require unprecedented measures. Gun violence has taken a heavy toll on our country. For many Americans including the AAPI community who has experienced unprecedented anti-Asian violence, worrying for our personal safety or for our loved ones as we go to work, send our children to school, attend houses of worship, take public transit, run our businesses, going shopping, attending festivals and concert, returning back to our residence, and just being out in the streets have become a new reality. Governor Newsom’s proposal of common sense approach will take our country a long ways to safety.”

Pastor J Edgar Boyd, Sr. Minister, First AME Church of Los Angeles:“God calls us to love — and He also calls us to act. The Governor’s proposal is a proposal of action. Gun violence has taken too many lives. Our children and other vulnerable Americans are waiting for responsible leadership to act. We need a nationwide effort like this, and we need it now.”

Maria Shriver, Author and Former First Lady of California:“The vast majority of us support all of this. Let’s get together and make this happen.”[LINK]


Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis:“This is what BOLD and DECISIVE leadership looks like. Thank you Governor Gavin Newsom for your unwavering commitment to end gun violence. California’s gun safety laws work, and it’s about time we take this nationwide.”[LINK]

Attorney General Rob Bonta:“There have been more mass shootings than days in 2023, and gun violence is now the leading cause of death for American children. Enough has long-been enough. Gun safety laws work, and yet time and time again, they’ve been stopped or delayed from being implemented on a national scale by the gun lobby and the politicians in their pockets. I stand with Governor Newsom in his effort to pass a 28th Amendment to establish the commonsense, nationwide gun safety measures that our country needs, while still preserving the Second Amendment’s existing rights of self-protection. A crisis of this magnitude deserves bold, creative solutions. Whether by seizing firearms from potentially dangerous individuals, holding the gun industry accountable in court, or seeking a constitutional amendment, California is committed to ending gun violence and keeping our people safe.”

Secretary of State Shirley Weber:“California has long been the leader in the fight for gun safety, and the Governor’s proposal is a call to action for others to match our cadence. America has the power to end gun violence — but it requires all of us to act.”

Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara:“From Pulse Nightclub to Uvalde, Texas, to Monterey Park, we know the problem and we have the solution. I support the 28th.”

Treasurer Fiona Ma:“California is a leader in sensible gun laws and reforms. In the absence of the failure of Congress to act as tragedies continue to occur, it’s time to take it to the next level.”

Controller Malia Cohen:“If Congress won’t act, California and other states will. The 28th is something we can all agree on — a broadly supported solution to save lives.”

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond:“I am proud to support the Governor’s 28th Amendment proposal to end gun violence. California has led the way on reforms and we need to see these enshrined in federal law. The impacts of gun violence are devastating for our youth, schools, and society. I have voted to put red flag laws in place – to bring the kind of sensible gun reform that we need at the national level to keep communities safe. In an era with more mass shootings than days of the year, we know that more needs to be done and can be done.”


Mayor Todd Gloria, City of San Diego, Chair of Big City Mayors:“I thank Governor Gavin Newsom for his leadership. These sensible gun safety measures are supported by a majority of the American people. It’s time to leave excuses at the door and take action.”[LINK]

Mayor Karen Bass, City of Los Angeles:“We have to do all we can to keep Americans safe from gun violence. Here in California, we lead. Thank you Governor Newsom for continuing the fight to pursue a national solution for common sense gun control.”

Mayor Sheng Thao, City of Oakland:“Gun violence has touched far too many lives in Oakland and has disproportionately impacted low-income communities and people of color. I applaud and support Gov. Newsom’s proposed 28th Amendment, which seeks to reverse these devastating trends, protect the rights of responsible gun owners, and most importantly, save lives by finally turning these critical gun safety measures into law.”

Mayor Darrell Steinberg, City of Sacramento:“I applaud Governor Newsom’s willingness to propose a constitutional solution to protect human lives. How many mass shootings need to happen before we do something real to reduce easy access to assault weapons? California’s common sense gun laws work. The same laws need to apply to the nation.”

Mayor Deborah B. Penrose, City of Half Moon Bay:“With recent shooting tragedies in Half Moon Bay, we know better than most that our nation needs to implement commonsense gun safety solutions NOW. It is way past the time to stop this violence. Governor Newsom’s 28th Amendment proposal is exactly that. It’s the right solution — and the solution we can all agree on.”

Mayor Jose Sanchez, City of Monterey Park:“What the mass shooting in our community of Monterey Park has taught us, is that we need to work on massive gun control reform that removes assault rifles from our communities and requires universal mandatory background checks. . . Nothing but nationwide gun control reforms will ensure our communities are safe from gun violence.”

Mayor Helen Tran, City of San Bernardino:“San Bernardino, like so many other cities, has experienced the horror and aftermath of a mass shooting. It is critical that our nation finds solutions to ensure communities are safe. I support Governor Newsom’s proposed 28th Amendment to make commonsense gun control reform that we can all agree on a reality in our nation.”

Supervisor Eddie Valero, Tulare County:“Gun violence in our communities leaves massive suffering, extreme heartaches, and perpetual scares that can never be erased. In Goshen, CA, a small rural town in the Central Valley, a ten-month-old baby and five others suffered a tragic loss due to a massive shooting. These senseless acts of violence, especially with infants, children, and young adults, have no place in our communities.”

Supervisor Das Williams, Santa Barbara County:“Too many of our young people are dying from the partially preventable plague of gun violence. It heartens me that the Governor is proposing a creative approach to breaking the political gridlock that has halted progress on policies like universal background checks that could save lives.”


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