Palmdale, CA – Palmdale Water District (PWD) is pleased to announce that General Manager Dennis D. LaMoreaux has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Delta Conveyance Design and Construction Authority (DCA) as an alternate director.

Formed in 2018, the DCA’s role is to assist with the design, development and implementation of the Delta Conveyance program, which is the state Department of Water Resources’ proposal for a single tunnel in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to modernize the State Water Project (SWP) infrastructure. The SWP ensures the state’s water supply by moving water from northern California to 29 State Water Contractors, including PWD.

“It is a true honor to be an alternate director on the DCA board,” LaMoreaux said. “The future of water availability in our state, especially in Southern California, is dependent on improving the infrastructure at the Delta. I look forward to taking part in this important process.”


The DCA Board of Directors is composed of 13 members, including six alternates. LaMoreaux is one of two alternate directors for the two directors representing the East Branch, which covers the area from Gorman to the Coachella Valley and includes the Antelope Valley. His term is for one year.

“The PWD Board of Directors is extremely proud that Dennis is involved with the DCA board,” said PWD Board President Gloria Dizmang. “It is important that we have a voice in this critical infrastructure proposal. He will represent us well.”

LaMoreaux began working for PWD in 1989 as the Assistant General Manager. He was promoted to General Manager in 1994 and served in that position until 2008. After briefly serving as the Assistant General Manager and District Engineer for Rosamond Community Services District, he returned to PWD as General Manager in 2010. He is responsible for overseeing the District’s day-today-day operations and implementing PWD Board policies. He has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and is a licensed Civil Engineer in California and a Certified Special District Manager through the Special District Leadership Foundation.

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