Covid vaccine clinic serving 95 Lake LA residents

Lake Los Angeles -At the LLA Community Clinic, it was production line efficiency at work for the many residents who came to receive their first Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.

There were 95 appointments recorded at 9:00 on the morning of Saturday, May 1. As for walk-ins, we will have to wait until the event is over to determine if there were and how many. Everyone received a fresh clean mask. Once the program got started it quickly fell into a rhythm and was going smoothly. Appointments were being met on time. One of the very congenial health care workers was pleased with the “great response”.

Pictured is LLA resident Jacob Summerlin who brought two members of his family with him and was going to pick up two more members of his family and bring them to the event. Jacob said, “I always knew the clinic was here but we have never used it. How I found out about the event was when I went online to register to receive my vaccine, this location was quoted. It is so much easier than going all the way in to Lancaster. I said wow, we know where that is and we don’t have to go all the way to the Fairgrounds! Everybody here is so nice. I have to leave now to go get two more people and come back here with them. Thank you!”

By Shirley Harriman

Thank You