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Concrete work progresses

Lake Los Angeles – The Public Works concrete work in the community is progressing rapidly as demo is completed at each location, concrete poured, trees removed, and the concrete cured. Once the concrete is sufficiently hardened, the forms will be removed, and the black top backed into the gaps.

The concrete photo is at the driveway of the AVTA building next to the Lake L A Dairy. The other photo is, unfortunately, where two trees at the center where M&G is located had to be removed. The sidewalk and curb will be restored here next in the process.

The projects include:

1) West side of 170th street east

i) Dairy

ii) N&M Mini Mart

iii) Real estate office

2) M&G on 170th Street East

3) DJ’s on East Avenue O and back side on Coolwater

4) Challenger Middle School – bus stop, remove two trees for sight distance

5) M-8 and 170th – 2 new upgraded wheelchair ramps

6) M-8 south side of the road, west of 170th Street East - repairing the concrete in front of the LDS church as the concrete is old. The tree wells will be widened, and trees planted.

The recently additional approved projects are to improve the island-top along 170th Street East, south of Avenue O and the reconstruction of the driveway at the entrance to the gymnasium along Avenue P. Please remember while the work on East Avenue P is being done, the two east gates to the Park will be how you will enter the Park during this period.

By Shirley Harriman


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