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Commissioner Lara applauds passage of 2022-23 State Budget bill by State Legislature

LOS ANGELES — Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara today applauded members of the State Legislature for passing the 2022-23 State Budget bill. The budget moves California forward on expanding access to health care, helping Californians prepare for climate change, and preventing wildfires.

“This budget sets clear priorities on the health and well-being of Californians. The Governor and state legislative leaders have wisely made moves to focus on expanding health care, taking on climate change, and addressing wildfire prevention, which will greatly assist my Department’s efforts to keep insurance coverage within reach for all.

“Health4All Californians in this budget is a historic groundbreaking step, one that will greatly help many vulnerable families and continue to help our state and economy recover from the pandemic.

“Having a budget that builds on the recommendations of front-line firefighters, homeowners, and business owners who have suffered losses will help us keep people safer in upcoming wildfire seasons, benefiting insurance consumers.

“As climate change continues to ravage our environment through a seemingly endless cycle of extreme weather events, this budget helps us take action to protect Californians. I want to thank members of the State Senate and State Assembly for voting on a state budget that moves California forward.”


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