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Borruel deputizes Jesus Zaragoza Reyes

Lake Los Angeles – Another exciting change in the life of the young man who just moved to Lake Los Angeles with his family in February came to Jesus Zaragoza Reyes at Cinco de Mayo.

Resident Deputy Gilberto Borruel deputized the young man with Captain John J. Lecrivain as his witness. Jesus is an Honorary Deputy Sheriff with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Jesus is in his very special wheelchair which frees him to go places, ride the Wilsona School Bus and go to Vista San Gabriel School safely and comfortably.

Strength Based Community Change (SBCC) mobilized their staff and their partners at Home Depot when it was brought to Erika Schwerdt’s attention that Jesus needed a child sized wheelchair.

To provide safe and secure school bus transportation for Jesus to go to school and while in school at Vista San Gabriel, SBCC and Home Depot moved many giving loving hearts and provided a new wheelchair for him, not the used chair that was asked for.

Word was sent out within the SBBC community by Michelle Frias, a community organizer for SBCC in South Los Angeles. A group email was sent out to SBCC partners which included Home Depot, but by mistake. Or was it? Home Depot doesn’t sell wheelchairs. However, it was Home Depot who immediately responded, rallied and in no time at all there was a brand-new child’s wheelchair for Jesus purchased by Home Depot people.

Cinco de Mayo in his new country and his new home will forever hold special meaning and freedoms to Jesus and his family.

By Shirley Harriman


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