Barger Issues Statement on Andres Cachu's Arrest and D.A.'s Role: "This is unacceptable."

Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger issued the following statement regarding this week’s arrest of Andres Cachu in the Palmdale area — a  convicted murderer and reputed gang member set free last year after serving only 6 years of a 50-year sentence due to Proposition 57 and the District Attorney’s decision to not object to his release:

“This case exemplifies all that is wrong with our County D.A.‘s underwhelming approach to fending for victims’ rights and prosecutorial decisions. I am relieved that no one in the Antelope Valley community was hurt or lost their life during the re-arrest of Mr. Cachu, but that was largely due to the responding Sheriff’s deputies’ skills and, frankly, luck. The public’s safety was greatly endangered due to our D.A.’s inaction. When Cachu sought a new sentence last year, the D.A. could’ve pursued a court hearing so a judge could decide whether Cachu should remain in state prison. He chose to not do so, despite the heinous nature of the murder Cachu  committed and the victim’s family’s pleas. This is unacceptable. 

While criminal justice reform is important, it’s clear to me that the D.A.’s role must demonstrate a more balanced approach — one that is grounded in a commitment to victim’s families’ rights and that consistently seeks the maximum accountability possible." 

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