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Barger Applauds Governor Newsom’s Signing of SB 43 to Modernize CA’s Conservatorship Laws

Los Angeles, CA.-Today, Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger issued the following statement applauding Governor Gavin Newsom’s signing of Senate Bill 43, which modernizes California’s conservatorship laws for the first time in more than 50 years. 

The new law updates the definition of those eligible for conservatorship. The language specifies that people who are unable to provide for their personal safety or necessary medical care, food, clothing, or shelter due to either severe substance use disorders or serious mental illness are eligible.

“Today is an important day. We now see a big shift to put a system in place that responsibly helps those who are suffering from debilitating drug use and mental illness. 

I have heard from countless families whose loved ones are in desperate need of care, but up until now, have had no recourse or way to help them heal. The people experiencing homelessness on our streets who are visibly deteriorating due to drug abuse and mental health trauma are prime examples of a critical need that has persisted with no viable solution to help. 

I am very optimistic that SB 43’s reforms to existing conservatorship law will bring hope and relief to those who need it the most. In 2018, I authored a motion for Los Angeles County to sponsor state legislation that similarly redefined the ‘grave disability’ term in the state’s Lanterman-Petris-Short Act. Although that legislation unfortunately failed, I’m glad our state’s current legislature and governor recognize the importance of making changes to the definition of who qualifies for help. Lives will be saved because of it.”

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