Mayor Parris and Lancaster Council approved Celebration of Freedom Fireworks Show For Tonight.

Lancaster City Council held an emergency meeting today July 4th, 2020 to determine whether to issue a permit for the fourth of July fireworks display despite a ban on pyrotechnics across Los Angeles County.

Mayor R Rex Parris and City Council believe wholeheartedly in celebrating our independence that today they approved a plan to move forward with the Celebration of Freedom Fireworks Show.

This evening around 9 PM, fireworks will be launched from the Lancaster National Soccer Center. While parking lots will be closed, fireworks can be viewed from anywhere! Tune in at 8:50 PM on 103.9 Bob FM for music.

So, turn up the radio, set up lawn chairs in your driveway, find an empty spot in the desert to park, or just step outside and look up - let’s unite by looking toward the sky together to bask in the glory of our shared freedom.

As a reminder, people should not gather with individuals that do not live within their household. When outside, masks must be worn and social distance must be maintained at all times.